Waste Tyre Shredder / Tyre Recycling Plant / Used Tire Shredder Machine for Sale

Waste Tyre Shredder / Tyre Recycling Plant / Used Tire Shredder Machine for Sale

This plant is specially designed to produce polymer modified asphalt (such as SBS, EVA, PE) and crumb rubber modified asphalt (asphalt rubber). The production process is introduced automatic control system. It is composed of asphalt heating tank, main body, rotary feeder, hot oil heater and control room. The main body is mainly consisted of pre-mixing tank, reaction tank (two), colloid mill, electronic weighing system, etc.
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Product Details

To create extra value for hot mix asphalt plant, asphalt-rubber sprayer from, asphalt spray paver. We have achieved remarkable results with our aggressive team spirit and efficient actions. Your achievement is our greatest reward. We adhere to the principle of having both ability and political integrity, taking morality as the first standard, loyalty as the first and performance as the most important.

1.     Wide adaptability: The equipment can be applied into production work for rubberized asphalt but also for polymer modified asphalt.

2.     Advanced production technique to make the grain size of modifier is smaller after milling process. modifier distributes in asphalt are uniform with high quality and stable performance.

3.     Equipped with electronic weighing system :adopts decrement weighing method with high accuracy and material proportioning.

4.     Optimized tank design equipped with vertical and horizontal guiding device which can give full play to the efficiency of mixing devices, reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. Modifier can be melted fully inside to function at its highest capacity.

5.     Perfect layout of the heating surface and excellent processing method guaranteed its productivity and product quality.

6.     Introduced the unique device (national patented) to fill asphalt and modifier into tank, which make consummate combination.

Main Technical Specifications





Max. Productivity (t/h)




Modified   Fineness(μm)




Weighing   System Precision(%)




Thermal   Capacity of Hot Oil Furnace(kcal/h)




Total   Power(kW)




Total   Mass(kg)




Overall   Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)




We have many years of rich manufacturing experience. We meet the individual needs of customers with advanced design concepts, produce high-quality Waste Tyre Shredder / Tyre Recycling Plant / Used Tire Shredder Machine for Sale for customers and provide comprehensive after-sales services for them. Our main focus is always on customer satisfaction, and we follow sound business policies and transparent transactions. We also conduct a variety of quality checks of our products before being delivered to our clients. We face complaints and grievances with a smile, and proactively solve problems for customers in our work.
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