Asphalt Melter Pour Pot with Wheels (OT001)

Asphalt Melter Pour Pot with Wheels (OT001)

This series of equipments are used for decanting asphalt out of drums and heating up asphalt. They make fully use of hot gas of Burner to make asphalt coming out of drums, and use the hot oil heating coils to indirectly heat up asphalt, which can prevent asphalt from aging during heating. They also have the functions of dehydration and automatically removing residue. This series of equipments not only greatly save energy sources and manpower, but also perfectly protect environment. Our company was the first one to develop this equipment in the world. The equipment mainly consists of Main body, Hot oil Heater, Asphalt Pump and Device of removing residue.
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Product Details

With advanced product design, perfect function and high reliability, our crack sealing machine, water proof course sprayer, bitumen distributor is in the leading position in many aspects compared with similar products. It is accompanied by changes in consumption concept, the core of our company management from the 'product-centric' transformation into a 'customer-centric'. We are sincerely looking for global partners for the future broad market prospect in various fields of the world. After years of hard work, we have formed a modern production scale and has our own production base. Establish an external image to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise; strengthen the quality internally to stimulate the innovation of employees.

This series of equipments are used for taking asphalt out of drums and heating up asphalt.

They also have the dehydration function for asphalt. They make use of hot gas of Burner to

melt and take asphalt out of drums, and use flues and a few of heating coil pipes of thermal oil

to heat up asphalt.

Main Performance Characteristics

1. Protecting environment: close construction and no pollution; 

2. Saving energy sources:to make fully use of hot gas of diesel oil burner to melt and take asphalt out of

drums, to heat the asphalt in oil pool by gas and hot oil together which is heat transfering efficient and energy saving. The main body is closed type, good performance on heat insulation and less on heat loss. 

3. Taking asphalt out of drums thoroughly: Use hot gas (above 350℃) to directly heat up the wall of asphalt

drums. No waste and No pollution; 

4. Better dehydration: it uses asphalt pump with large output to realize the inner-cycle of asphalt, The

overflowing vapor be exhausted by draught fan, and to realize sub-atmospheric dehydration;  

5.Well-adopted: available for varioud kinds of drums domestic and abroad., deformation on drum does not affect the operation. 

6. High reliability: introduced the auto-control system,use imported automatic ignition burner which can realize automatic control according to the oil temp., Meantime equipped with supervisory instrument. 

7. Easy to assemble and disassemble.








Productivity (t/h)







Drum Numbers of per Batch







Capacity of Asphalt Pool (m3)







Fuel Consumption (kg/h)







We insist on technological innovation, which helps us to improve the quality of our Asphalt Melter Pour Pot with Wheels (OT001). Our company has strong technical force, excellent processing and testing equipment, testing means, perfect quality assurance system and excellent after-sales service. We are comprehensively promoting intelligent upgrading, lean management and high-end development.
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