10 Wheels Sinotruk HOWO Asphalt Slurry Sealer Slurry Seal Truck (5m3 Bitumen Tank 5.5m3 ...

10 Wheels Sinotruk HOWO Asphalt Slurry Sealer Slurry Seal Truck (5m3 Bitumen Tank 5.5m3 ...

DGL5310TXJ Slurry seal paver is a kind of intelligent road maintenance machine specially designed by our company on the basis on absorbing advanced technology. This machine can be used in the slurry seal/micro surfacing road maintenance project and also the lower surfacing sealing of high class...
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Relying on scientific research results, our company is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of various Chip stone Spreader, tank trailer, cold in place recycling. We establish files for users who purchase and choose our products, sign contracts carefully, supply according to the contract, and ensure that the products are safely delivered to customers. The market-oriented competition of service industry requires enterprises to provide personalized services, and its importance is self-evident. We advocate "learning, contribution, unity and practical work" as the good corporate ethos.

Fiber Slurry Seal/Micro Surfacing Paver is a kind of intelligent road maintenance equipment designed on the basis of advanced technology at home and abroad. The truck can be used not only for pavement maintenance with slurry seal or micro-surfacing technology,but also can be used for under sealing coat or bridge construction on high graded pavement. Meanwhile, a fiber module designed on this truck to effectively prevent the happening of cracks on road and further more to prolong the service life of pavement and reduce the cost of road maintenance.

Main Features

1. No auxiliary engine. Make full use of the extra power from chief engine to meet the construction demand. It is energy saving with high efficiency.

2. High intelligence with programmatic controlling technologies is introduced to simplify the operation work in construction; No-re-calibration work is needed for measuring system.

3. Imported monitoring and measuring element with high efficiency are mounted on each material system. The measurement is fast and accurate.

4. It introduces the four large-diameter spiral spreading mechanisms which are fully symmetrical from front to rear and left to right to facilitate the good paving quality.

5. The entire working process can be done only by one operator at the rear operating panel. It is simple, easy to operate.

6.  Due to adding the fiber material and system, it will improve the ability of reflection cracks resistance of the pavement, prolong the service life of the pavement and reduce pavement maintenance cost.

7. It is designed with automatic and manual two sets of batching system of high reliability.

8. Automatic alarming device is designed on all aggregate, water and asphalt system.

9. Friendly interface: all construction parameters can be displayed and monitored timely during the paving process with recommended setting range.

Main technical parameters


DGL5310TFC –X124

Paving   Width(mm)


Water   Tank CapacityL


Paving   Thickness(mm)


Filler   Bin CapacityL


Paving   Speedkm/h


Additives   Bin CapacityL


Productivity   kg/min


Blending   Form

Twin-shaft   Vane

 Driving Mode


Chassis   Model


Aggregate   Bin Capacitym3


Total   Masskg


Fiber   Dosage(kg/min)


Fiber   Box Capacity (set)


Asphalt   Tank Capacity L


Overall   DimensionsL×W×H)(mm



With several factories, we will provide a wide assortment of 10 Wheels Sinotruk HOWO Asphalt Slurry Sealer Slurry Seal Truck (5m3 Bitumen Tank 5.5m3 .... We are looking forward to cooperating with friends from all over the world. The company has set up a quick return production line to meet current market demand.
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