Innovation Leads Future-----asphalt Pavement Maintenance New Technique Communication Held Successfully In Shandong Province.

- May 24, 2017-

More than 200 experts, users in the road construction and maintenance area were attracted to attend the communication. They shared and communicated the new technique, new material and new equipment for road construction and maintenance.

And the China road machinery network made the special report for this communication.

First shandong asphalt pavement new technique communication site.   

Technical progress and innovation makes Dagang lead the development of industry.

In the past years, Dagang, with its strict control for equipment quality and pursuit for advanced technology, supplied the markets with many high-quality equipment, meantime, achieve high approval from majority of users. The highway administration bureau from Shandong mentioned, Dagang, as the leading provider of road construction machinery, has made great contribution, and wish Dagang would bring even more new technology and equipment that can be used in Chinese road construction and maintenance.

In future, Dagang will rely on national advanced technology, acute foresight, and accurate judgment, provide the users with more intelligent and efficient, easy operated, reliable and durable, energy-saving and high quality products, also establish global strategic partnership to create maximum value for customers.