Dagang Remote Service System

- May 24, 2017-

Aiming to improve the user experience and the value in use, Dagang remote service system, can provide such data as the real-time and historical construction locations (bidding sections), construction area, material consumption and cost analysis, enabling the users to have a good understanding of the project process parameters. The leading features of the system, including the self-diagnosis, analysis of component life and pre-alarm relying on big data, on-line diagnosis and the remote assistance, are designed to enhance the real-time service and reduce equipment cost concerning the labor-hours lost. The 24-hour Remote Service Center of Dagang Road Machinery fully opens the post-service era, which will provide users with professional butler-style service. Hence, Dagang is your full-time expert.

Dagang’s smart remote service system brings about:

New experience    New service    New value


◆Construction records, control of real-time parameters


◆Remote control

◆Malfunction pre-alarm

◆Remote diagnosis and assistant

◆Construction data reports

◆Traceable data throughout the whole life circle

◆Informatization and systematization